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Egg Puffs| Bakery style

Puffs and Pastry are always so dear to heart. Sorry, i mean for tongue and tummy! So India is also not different than other countries. After all, british left a lot cool stuff behind and indian bakers tried and tested numerous varieties around it. One of them is this lecker puffs and pastries. So Indian version of puffs are very yummy, spicy, hot and full of tastes which explodes. No don’t get me wrong. We don’t cherish it daily. Its ...
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Kashta Kachori | Gewürte Mungfühllung frittierete Teigtasche

Kashta Kachori is a famous halwai recipe of Rajasthan , East Part of India. It is a snack which is enjoyed at evening tea time and also as breakfast. Its pretty famous as Raj kachori in Delhi as a Chaat item. Well its the same recipe with different name.It is a round fried ball with tasty, spicy split moong dal filling. It tastes crunchy and flaky outside and soft and spicy inside. The recipe requires a lot of ingredients which ...
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Veg Bombay Sandwich

Our  Food culture in India is always influenced by the Rulers who ruled us centuries ago. Take for instances the Moghuls who have left their mark on North Indian Cuisine, so vividly that we have our own new varieties influenced by their style of cooking, their spices and tastes. Hence I would like to come to todays recipe of Bombay sandwich where Sandwiche is one food we admit to take it from Britishers. So now in India we have our ...
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AlooBhajia| Potato fritters| Fritierte Kartoffel

Potatoes and Gram flour is a super yummy combination. Indians have gram flour 24/7 and 365 days at home as there are numerous varieties to make from it. Go to any Indian Restaurants and what they have in their starters is the endless varieties of Pakoras (Bhajias). So here is one more variety of Pakoras which is famous as tea time snack and which is super lekker. It is very easy to make takes hardly some minutes to make. In ...
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Palak Fritters| Frittierte Spinat

Palak or Spinach is actually so bland which has to always in with some combination. Like for example palak- Paneer, Hara Bhara kabab, So even here this fritters is a combination of gram flour and spinach. Now this recipe is mostly done at home and find hardly outside in hotels. This is famous tea time snack which goes so well with the Tea . So tea lovers also love to grab some fritters and spicy snacks while drinking tea. Spinach ...
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Butter Chicken | Authentische Hänchenbrustfilet in Tomaten & Sahne

So who doesn’t know Butter Chicken..! Murgh Makhani! The authentic recipe with perfect texture, colour and Taste. This recipe is a must to try or at least try in some authentic Indian Punjabi Restaurants. My version of Butter chicken is the Dhaba style which one can find off roads on the Highways in India. They make it with full of authenticity and rawness. I have tried to in groom the sam version here in Berlin in my kitchen with all ...
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Samosa| Chicken Samosa| Bekannt Indische Gericht | India’s famous all time snack

Who doesn’t know Samosa.  They are world-famous.  And that I came to know only when I moved to Berlin. People are crazy for Indian food. Even if it is very spicy for them.. they will not hesitate to wipe their running nose but finish the meal like we Indians. I am also happy to say that they have choose to eat our dishes like we normally eat with hands. That really was a wonderful picture which got printed in my mind forever. So ...
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Cheese Potato Pancakes| Kase-Kartoffel Puffer

Käse kartoffel puffer its Pikant, und lecker! Pancakes with spices.. deadly combination with eggs and cheese and herbs. Your neighbours gonna envy you for the tempting aroma of this recipe. Show it to your neighbours and let them enjoy too. ts super simple with very less ingredients.  Its already famous but my website is not complete without this famous recipe. The vegetarians can also make bu substituting the eggs with gram flour and little water. Well the indians can use ...
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Pani Puri | Indische snacks| Chaat

Pani Puri lovers are spread across globe. Indians have spread the taste overall. So I am taking it one more step further for my german Audiences. This Chaat item is so tempting that ones a fan.. you be loyal for the rest of the life. So enough said about it.. Its crispy, tangy, sweet, hot , spicy all flavours just bomb in your mouth all at once. So Do try it in your life . For more on this recipe ...
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Methi ke thepla | Fenugreek Thepla

Indian Methi means Fenugreek. We are aware of the seeds but not really the vegetable. Well this is again a tropical food item. Indians specially the maharashtrians and Punjabis use it in drastically for flavouring. The dried leaves of Methi are used as herbs in Flavouring the delicious dishes. Its very healthy again. Todays recipe is snack/travel food plus healthy variety to make. It mainly included methi, curd, gram flour, indian spices and flovours with loads of love. Do give ...
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Bhindi| Okraschote ki sabzi

Bhindi tastes yummy , whichever way one makes it. Its a tropical veggie which one ca hardly find in Europe. But yes due to the Punjabi shops that are doing the business. We thank god for the globalisation that we get to eat our staple food here in Germany too. This sabzi is also very famous with kids. Bhindi/okra/ladiesfinger is very popular in India and there are numerous ways to make it. Bhindi has also many health benefits like it ...
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Methi ki sabzi | Fenugreek Blätter | Vegan rezepte

Methi ki sabzi or fenugreek leaves. It is very healthy and is consumed very strictly everywhere in india. It has many health benefits like its full of protiens, mangenese, magnesium, iron, copper and dietery fibers. They are great at regulating sugar levels, fights cancer and aids digestion.This recipe is typically from Maharashtra, India where we make it with the combination of red lentils or Masoor ki dal.. One can also use toor dal or moong dal also. So lets start ...
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About Me

About Me

About Me

 Hallo from Deutschland!
I am Sneha Navale. After having tested myself in different areas to find where I actually belong.. I found me here with my blog TheBombayberlin. It has always given me immense pleasure to cook..blog..shoot and edit. I love to take inspiration from the different cuisine i have tasted so far. My recipes are authentic Indian and are broken down into easy steps with the available ingredients i find in Berlin. I started with Youtube channel "The Bombay Berlin" a year ago with Indian snacks and Chaat items in English and German language. (I know the fact how German love Indian cuisine). My blog is not only about two wonderful famous cities of the world, Bombay and Berlin but also emcompassing these countries who are similar when it comes to cultural diversity. Of course India is diverse in form of region, food, language but they all are Indians. But here in Germany, i see diversity from around the world.. People from Turkey,Russia, Poland, America, Syria, India, Mexico, China, Vietnam, France, Africa all reside in the same apartment and stay one or say Merge with the administration of Germany. I am lucky i get to taste varieties from so many countries. And so my small attempt to bring these world cultures together with food.
My homeland, India, where I was born and bought up and now my married life in Berlin, that huge difference in the Lifestyle, Culture, Heritage and People is what i crave to bring in forefront in the form of cooking, eating, travel, fashion, and living styles. My small attempt is to sync these two World Cultures.
I am super fond of Taste, The Sense of Taste, Cooking and hosting lovely Guests. I would love to mention my mom Anita who after being a wonderful mom n wife is a brilliant CooK. I take this very opportunity  to recognize her art of cooking which i have acquired in me all these years as naturally as being her daughter. Hosting guests is something which I inherit from my grandfather who loves to hosts meetups and social gatherings, who loves to share and enjoy the differences in tastes. My husband is a Whiz, an explicit mélange of  Art/Photography and Technology.. loves to take trials and acquire different tastes around the world and consequently I could also enjoy and enrich array of Cuisines. It is Berlin, an intercontinental hub, which is so much heterogeneous with Tastes, Types of restaurants, Imbiss and Hotels encompassing rest of the world. It's a matter of visiting the right and authentic ones.
I will love to share the authentic Indian food right from my moms kitchen, my childhood, my family n friends, and India.. I will also take a gradual plunge in learning other cuisines too.
Had it not been my brother.. I would never attempt to reach you people..!
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